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Superman Fights for Illegal Aliens while Adam White Fights for Americans

Superman image via DC Comics.
Adam White © Paul Hair, 2016.
Superman fights for illegal alien invaders in issue 987 of Action Comics according to a Sep. 13 report from The Hollywood Reporter. In contrast, Adam White fights for Americans in Mortal Gods: Ignition.

The Hollywood Reporter article reported that “Superman arrives in the nick of time to protect a group of undocumented immigrants from a white man sporting an American flag bandanna, wielding a machine gun, who is going to shoot them for taking his job.” The article added that this comic book issue “comes just one week after President Donald Trump made the controversial announcement that he was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

Meanwhile, Adam White fights for Americans and against illegal alien invaders in, “The First Transgender Superhuman” (the second story of Mortal Gods: Ignition).

“The Congress has failed to act on the immigration crisis, and because of that I must act alone,” the President said after a few introductory words. “Not only will I continue using my prosecutorial discretion to refrain from arresting and deporting the undocumented Americans living among us, but I will use my executive powers as president to end this human tragedy once and for all by granting them unconditional citizenship. The consciences of the members of Congress might allow them to ignore this crime against humanity, but mine will not allow me to do the same.” . . . 
Amanda Langli, not the name she had given his secretary, opened the door and the first thing Adam saw was her long legs ending in crimson high heels. Today, she was a long-haired blond (half hanging behind her and the other half hanging over her front shoulder—no bangs) wearing a fiery dress that matched her shoes. 
She quietly closed the door and walked towards him, taking off her sunglasses when she stood in front of his desk, her thighs pressing against the wooden top. “They finally found the courage and voted to start it. They’ve given you the go.” She remained standing, her right hip ever so slightly to one side and her red fingernails touching the desktop, ignoring both of the available chairs on that side of the desk. . . . 
“They will not like what I will do,” Adam told her. “And when they see what I will do, do you honestly think they’ll be able to hold onto their newfound courage?” 
Amanda smiled at him and leaned forward, placing both finely manicured hands on his desk as she got closer to him. “Of course they won’t. But I’ll be there to force it back into them,” she said, looking him straight in the eyes.

So readers can choose what type of story they want to read: a story where Superman fights against Americans and for the foreign invasion force conquering them, or a story where Adam White fights against the foreign invasion force and in defense of Americans.


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