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Mortal Gods: “Counterstrike”

Here is an excerpt of a brand new flash fiction tale I wrote and published at Virtual Pulp!
Mortal Gods: “Counterstrike” is an original, flash fiction story set in a universe where superhumans exist in a real-world setting, and act accordingly. (For instance, they don’t dress up in tights and call themselves superheroes. Or if they do, they soon answer to the law.)
As for the inspiration for this tale? Nothing in particular. Most definitely not any real-life story that is in the news currently.
Here now in 1,000 or fewer words is “Counterstrike.”
“She made a youthful mistake and now she wants to come back!” Abdul Abdallah said to the journalists and other fans. He held up his daughter’s photo. “Rashida is just a child, and it is shameful America is preventing her from escaping from the danger she’s in! Bring her home to Austin!”
The crowd went wild. And the journalists started a riot, their second one of the week.
“Austin authorities have no desire to stop the rioting. Tex…
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New ‘Appalling Stories 2’ Review at Virtual Pulp!

Via “Machine Trooper” (aka: Henry Brown) at Virtual Pulp (a site where I occasionally post):


I haven’t read the first Appalling Stories, but do intend to rectify that.

This is an anthology of short speculative fiction, all linked thematically by the insanity of political correctness and so-called “social justice.” Some of them are set off-world, some take place in Earth’s future, while others are pretty close to the space-time you and I occupy.

An argument could be made that some of the stories are depressing–like classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. At the same time, there’s no denying a significant element of gratification derives from following the character arc of the SJWs who outsmart themselves, feed on each other, and otherwise are hoisted on their own petards. . . .

Read the entire review at Virtual Pulp.

Why ‘Presidential Pardon’ Is a Great Espionage Story

Via me at The Loftus Party:
Espionage stories usually veer far away from reality in order to make things exciting. Fine. But I wanted to buck that trend (sort of). So I wrote “Presidential Pardon.” It’s set in a universe where superhumans exist, but apart from that, it includes some very realistic plot points, including one about how espionage works in the modern world. I made some flaws in executing this short tale, but it remains a solid story and it’s definitely worth your time to read. Here’s a bit more about it. (Minor spoilers ahead.)
“Presidential Pardon” is one of the 13 quick reads in Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice (December 2017). The major theme of the story is that it’s possible to do the right thing even when it seems like every choice will lead you to doing the wrong thing. For a bit about its conflict, see what I wrote about it last year here at The Loftus Party.
The plot involves protagonist (and superhuman) Adam White trying to figure out what to do a…

Comedian Michael Loftus Talks about ‘Appalling Stories 2’ on His Podcast!

Comedian Michael Loftus is touring on the successful The Deplorables comedy tour. I write for his website and yesterday he had me on his podcast to talk about Appalling Stories 2!

I talk a lot about “The Order that Changed the World,” the tale I contributed to the anthology, on the podcast. But I also talk about the other stories as well. Better yet, Michael and I discuss the first Appalling Stories along with the importance of creating culture.

We also get into talking about a host of other subjects, including the possibility of starting to publish some fiction through The Loftus Party.

Head on over to The Loftus Party and listen to the podcast. And be sure to check out the new post I published at The Loftus Party about “The Order that Changed the World” and how it addresses the question, “What Would Happen if America Banned Guns?”

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Appalling Stories 2. Don’t forget to leave reviews at Amazon and to tell others about it!

I Am Chaos

Here is a short story I originally published on April 7, 2016 at Liberty Island Magazine. I’m no longer a part of Liberty Island, so I’m republishing it here at Liberate Liberty. Enjoy!

Caitlin had wanted to go straight home after work. She was exhausted. First she had to go to the Queens office. Then she had to go to the off-site meeting with the potential client. And then her boss wanted her back at the Manhattan office to work on a project the other team was failing to complete. But she had already agreed to go out to eat with the others. And once she got to the restaurant she was glad she hadn’t come up with an excuse to skip out on it.
The dining area of the trendy New York restaurant was on the second floor, with the lights lowered for mood. Their table sat in the middle of the floor space but they could still easily see the well-lit streets below them thanks to the floor to window ceilings of the restaurant. Caitlin had selected a salad along with a vegetarian entrée. Sh…

Get ‘Em on the Kill List

This flash fiction tale takes place in the Mortal Gods universe—one where superhuman individuals exist.

You can read more such stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition and Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice (see “Presidential Pardon”).

For those interested in continuity, this story takes place before the events of “The First Transgender Superhuman” (which appears in Mortal Gods: Ignition).
Here now, in 1,000 words or fewer, is “Get ‘Em on the Kill List.”
The man breathed hard, peering around the corner of the brick building. He pulled his head back and crouched, shuddering and whimpering, and covering his head with his hands.
Victoria White descended from the sky behind him. Her boots touched the ground, the leather groaning ever so slightly. “Drop your weapon and—”
The man yelped and spun around, his camouflage abilities starting to kick in. The yellow hammer and sickle on the red shirt of his uniform faded. The weapon he lowered at her did not.
Metallic energy screamed f…

‘Appalling 2’ Confirms Craving for Conservative Tales

Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto interviewed me about the brand new Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice. Here it is!

Movies, TV shows, music and books increasingly feature progressive views.
Heck, visit and you’ll see a steady flow of programming asking audiences to think, and vote, a certain way. Take the most recent “Murphy Brown”episode, or virtually any from the low-rated reboot.
The team behind “Appalling Stories” offered something different. The 2017 book featured tales that mocked Leftist tropes. The sequel, “Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice,” shares even more examples of what happens when artists tweak liberal groupthink.
HiT reached out to Paul Hair, who co-wrote the first book and contributes an original story to the new anthology, about the cultural forces behind this sequel. NOTE: This reporter penned the book’s foreword…
HiT: How did reader reactions shape the second “Appalling Stories” install…