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The Stought Brothers – Serialized Young Adult Series Coming Soon

Another story I am working on completing is the first story for a potential young adult series called, The Stought Brothers. I will publish the story in its entirety as a serialized story and for free at BarbWire.

I will judge how people respond to it and if it does well enough I may be able to proceed with the series, publishing the next book for sale as an eBook.

The logo you see to the right is the working logo for The Stought Brothers. If it proceeds as a series, then there probably would be an entirely new design along with cover art for the book.

Here is the general outline for The Stought Brothers.

Two brothers, 16- and 18-years old (a sophomore and a senior in high school), travel the world with their parents. Their father is a highly skilled doctor specializing in brain surgery, and he travels the world under the sponsorship of his church so he can provide life-saving operations across the globe. He takes his family with him wherever he travels. During their travels, the bro…

Mortal Gods: White Sands – Dark [ORIGINAL ART]

Here is an original piece of artwork I created in 2013. As you can see, it is a fuller version of the art I currently am using for the website title graphic. (Click on the image for an even larger size.)

I created it from two separate photographs (the background and the individual) that I took. Then I combined the photos in image-editing software, ran a filter over them, and added some effects.

This is artwork for the Mortal Gods universe I created but I have not yet used it for any specific story. I also do not have plans to use it for a particular story but that may change in the future. Nor have I given it a finished title. The title I used for the post was just thrown together based on a rough description of the image.

I am pleased with the final result and hope you enjoy it too.

New Look for Liberate Liberty

I already posted one new look for Liberate Liberty for 2017; now here is a second new one. I changed where I host the site and hence the new look. You will notice that I did not bring any of my older posts with me. I have no plans to do so at this time either. From time-to-time, I may repost an older post if I believe it is worth it. Other than that, we shall just move forward with new posts.

Furthermore, my plans for 2017 are to have most of my posts here be about my fiction, which means publishing updates on my new fiction, and publishing new fiction. There will be less posting about what other people are doing or what else is going on in the arts and entertainment worlds, and so forth (although I still will post some of that).

Hope everyone enjoys the new look.

Mortal Gods: "HVT" - Coming Soon

Mortal Gods: “HVT” is a short story I’m writing. It will fall under the Mortal Gods: NATSEC umbrella of stories I’ve previously mentioned. I plan to publish it in full and for free here and, likely, at Liberty Island as well.

Enjoy the cover art for now. I’ll work on finishing the story as soon as possible.