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New Look for Liberate Liberty

Sketch art for Mortal Gods: Ignition.
Art by José Cano. © Paul Hair, 2015.
I already posted one new look for Liberate Liberty for 2017; now here is a second new one. I changed where I host the site and hence the new look. You will notice that I did not bring any of my older posts with me. I have no plans to do so at this time either. From time-to-time, I may repost an older post if I believe it is worth it. Other than that, we shall just move forward with new posts.

Furthermore, my plans for 2017 are to have most of my posts here be about my fiction, which means publishing updates on my new fiction, and publishing new fiction. There will be less posting about what other people are doing or what else is going on in the arts and entertainment worlds, and so forth (although I still will post some of that).

Hope everyone enjoys the new look.