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Galatea, Inc.: Origins

Galatea, Inc. © Paul Hair, 2017.
Galatea, Inc. is one of the series I have been developing over the past few months. I believe I’ll have one or two stories that are set in its universe ready for publication in the spring or later, including the one that will serve as the introductory tale. The inspiration for this series came from a news story I saw years ago. I recently wrote about that story at The Loftus Party and today I explain how that inspired the creation of Galatea, Inc.

“How Victoria’s Secret Plussed up the 69th Infantry” details how Victoria’s Secret provided aid to the New York Army National Guard in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. And when I read the sources for that story back in 2012, it started me thinking the following question: What if an intelligence organization used a modeling agency as cover to allow it to collect intelligence?

From that question I began formulating an idea where a man overtly works for a women’s fashion and modeling organization, even as he also serves as an intelligence professional in a clandestine component of that organization.

Women have historically served as great intelligence assets. (Beautiful woman have the capacity to go places where men cannot go.) So this is a factor in the tales of Galatea, Inc. even as the protagonist for one of the first stories won’t directly rely on it. (He uses the fact that the fashion and modeling organization can gain access to locations for the overt purpose of photographing models so that he can secretly collect intelligence, but he doesn’t necessarily use women for the collection.)

At the same time, tales in the Galatea, Inc. universe will feature a lot of women—often times more female characters than male ones. This is a creative way to satisfy the modern demand for “more female characters” in storytelling. And by being creative, I mean that while there will be more female characters in the stories, they also will almost always be beautiful women (something modern demands don’t necessarily want).

Finally, while many of the tales set in the universe of Galatea, Inc. will feature a lot of female characters and the male protagonist who works for the fashion and modeling organization, not all of them will. More on what I mean by this if and when it occurs.

So that’s the origin of how I began developing the Galatea, Inc. universe. The start of the publication of any stories set in this universe is likely weeks (if not months) away, since stories such as, Mortal Gods: “HVT,” Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna,” and The Stought Brothers will take precedence.

But publication could begin earlier. Either way, stay tuned to Liberate Liberty for more on Galatea, Inc.