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Galatea, Inc.: “Mexico” – Plans to Begin Soon

Galatea, Inc. © Paul Hair, 2017.
Galatea, Inc.: “Mexico” was the first story set in the Galatea universe that I started writing. And it might be the first one I start publishing. The outline is basically done and I can probably start writing and publishing the manuscript serially. As the title suggests, the plot involves Mexico—specifically a threat from Mexico with the protagonist working to thwart it from his undercover status as a scouting and resourcing agent for the modeling organization, Galatea, Inc.

Galatea, Inc. is a universe where women are everywhere. What I mean by this is that female characters will normally outnumber male characters. People complain about there not being enough female characters in storytelling. So I resolved this complaint by making the protagonist (David Warfield) an undercover private intelligence operative at a modeling agency. The agency is called Galatea, Inc., with various locations for various purposes in Manhattan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Most of Warfield’s bosses and coworkers are females (in the overt modeling business of Galatea, Inc. and in the covert security business of Galatea, Inc.). So he’s surrounded by women and subsequently the plot is filled with them.

In the first story, Warfield is on a mission to figure out what the threat from Mexico is and how he can stop it. Along the way he’ll face friends and foes. Many will be of the female persuasion; others will not be. And through it all the reader will be introduced both to his world and the universe of Galatea, Inc. at large.

I’d like to begin publishing this serial story as soon as possible. Yet I don’t know when that will be since Mortal Gods: “HVT” is taking precedent. But when I do start publishing “Mexico,” the serial publication might be more sporadic than “HVT.” Whereas “HVT” is scheduled to have a serial installment published weekly, I might publish the serial installments of “Mexico” on an irregular basis (sometimes weekly, sometimes biweekly, and so forth).

Stay tuned to Liberate Liberty (here and on my Facebook page) for more on when I will begin publishing Galatea, Inc.: “Mexico” here at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island Magazine.

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