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Mortal Gods: “Russia” – A Tale for the Times

Sketch for Mortal Gods: “Russia.”
© Paul Hair, 2017.
Mortal Gods: “Russia” is yet another story that I am writing. I don’t know when it might be ready for publication but I hope sooner rather than later. Aside from being a tale for the times, it also is a great way to write creatively about the U.S., Russia, and national security.

“Russia” is a story starring Adam and Victoria White. It is set after the events of “The First Transgender Superhuman” in Mortal Gods: Ignition. During this time, the U.S. government issues Adam and Victoria a letter of marque and reprisal to hunt down the people who supported overthrowing the U.S. But this mission is interrupted when the government comes to Adam and Victoria with another assignment: find out who attempted to steal and sell U.S. intelligence on a very sensitive matter.

Adam and Victoria take this assignment and ultimately find a Russian connection. (This connection helps introduce readers to a new character in the Mortal Gods universe.) And as the story progresses, Adam and Victoria discover that there are bigger things going on than initially believed.

The tale is an espionage story with an entertaining plot, but also one that includes realistic behavior, and real-world challenges and contemporary issues. Is Russia an ally? Is it an enemy? Is it both? Is it neither? Or is it something else?

“Russia” won’t answer all these questions and it may not even outright answer any of them. But it will provide a unique look at national security issues, and how Russia (or even other nations) may factor into them (albeit within the confines of the fictional universe of Mortal Gods).

As is with most of the stories I’m currently writing, I plan to publish it serially here at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island Magazine. And as always, if you’d like to see original, commissioned artwork for this story (instead of my sketches and other creations), you can help towards that end by purchasing my published books and by contributing to me for my published work at Liberty Island Magazine through the PayPal link that is posted there.

No guarantees of original artwork with any purchases of my books or contributions to me, but that is the only way of there being any possibility of original artwork. Furthermore, it supports my writing, including all the free stories I have already published and that I am about to publish.