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Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna” – Ready for Publication

Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna” Cover Art.
© Paul Hair, 2017.
Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna” is one of the stories I have been working on since last year, and I have provided updates on it several times here at Liberate Liberty. Essentially, I have reached the point where I am ready to start serially publishing it.

I announced that my plan is to start serially publishing Mortal Gods: “HVT” next week. So that story is taking precedent. However, I want to start publishing “Sodom by the Susquehanna” as soon as possible as well. So what I would like to do is get at least the first few installments of “HVT” published, and once I’m confident that I will be able to publish that in full by way of one installment per week, then I can start serially publishing “Sodom by the Susquehanna.”

“Sodom by the Susquehanna” may have a more irregular serial publication schedule than “HVT.” In other words, whereas “HVT” should have one installment per week until I publish the entire story, I may not get one portion of “Sodom by the Susquehanna” out every week. It might be one installment one week, another the next week, and then the next two weeks later.

Regardless, the plan still is to publish it serially (here at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island—just like “HVT”) until I publish it in full.

As a refresher, here is a summary of the plot of “Sodom by the Susquehanna.”


A black supremacist domestic terrorist group has established a safe haven in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (which is built on the shores of the Susquehanna River). The group has all but taken control of the state capital. It has also become strong enough that it’s a nationally recognized force. Many local, state, and national leaders support it.

Sodomites started the terrorist group. Additionally, the decentralized group coalesces around the idea that white, Christian, normalsexual men are responsible for all the evils of the world and therefore the world must destroy them.

Adam White (the protagonist of, Mortal Gods: Ignition) returns as the protagonist for “Sodom by the Susquehanna.” (The timeline for “Sodom by the Susquehanna” falls after the events of, “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood,” but before the events of, “The First Transgender Superhuman,” and, “Warrior.”) He is now part of a clandestine government organization known as the Strategic Effect Group (SEG).

The federal government allows the SEG to investigate an attack on a target in Harrisburg. The terrorists immediately deny any connection to it but evidence suggests they are responsible for it. Adam and his team want to go after them but their superiors aren’t fully behind that suggestion. The SEG mission is to focus on national security threats and the federal government has not deemed the terrorists to be one. So Adam’s superiors limit the SEG response.

Meanwhile, the terrorists becomes increasingly violent. And as they do, more leaders throw their support behind them.

As the threat to national security grows, Adam and his team must figure out how to deal with it even as their superiors don’t want them to destroy the terrorists. . . .