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Rules for Mortal Gods: “HVT” and Other Serialized Stories

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With the first installment of Mortal Gods: “HVT” published, I want to explain some rules I have for myself on the stories I publish for free. The rules deal with how I serially publish, and how I am leaving open the possibility of editing the stories in the future.

The rule that applies to Mary Worth, Rex Morgan M.D., Mark Trail, Prince Valiant, and other similar, serialized comic strip applies to my serial stories: the episodic nature of them may mean that installments don’t always end where they seem they should end.

For instance, in the first installment of “HVT,” we only meet the protagonist (Adam White). There is no introduction to the other characters, and no introduction to the main plot. This can sometimes seem jarring but I believe readers can get used to it. After all, it has worked for comic strips in newspapers all these years. (Plus, readers always have the option to binge read after I have published a few, or all, of the installments.)

The second rule I have is that I may edit or modify them in the future to correct spelling, grammatical, continuity, and other errors.

Pretty simple stuff for “HVT” and my other free stories, but I think these rules will make for a better writing process and long-term success.