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The Stought Brothers – Starting (Hopefully) Next Week

The Stought Brothers logo. © Paul Hair, 2017.
Back in January I mentioned I was working on completing the first story for what eventually could become a series of books under the umbrella title, The Stought Brothers. I hope to start serially publishing the first story next week.

I previously incorrectly identified this story and potential series as being for young adults. It actually is aimed at middle grade readers (ages 8-12). It is a minor mistake but one worth correcting.

Again, The Stought Brothers is about a family (dad and mom; two sons) who travel the world since the father is a doctor of renowned skills. As they travel abroad (and during times when they are back in the U.S.) they have adventures. They experience other cultures and may even encounter some real-world events.

My plan is to publish one installment per week of the first story. I will simultaneously publish it at BarbWire, here at Liberate Liberty, and also at Liberty Island Magazine.

The first story will serve as a test. This means, in part, I’ll simply tell the tale and not worry about how long it is. If people like it and it looks like I can turn it into a novel for middle grade readers, I’ll expand it to book length. Ideally, I’d like to publish it as a paperback and eBook, but the response would have to be very strong for the paperback version to occur. So we’ll see what happens.

The Stought Brothers will subtly show the value of honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, Godliness, and so forth. But it will not be a sermon-as-a-story nor will it even be Christian Fiction. It is an adventure story (and hopefully, series).

Additionally, The Stought Brothers will be written under a pen name. There is a reason for this but I’ll leave that reason unsaid for the moment.

So I hope you look forward to reading this serial story. Tell everyone you know about it as well.

And as always, if you’d like to see original, commissioned artwork for this story (instead of my creations), you can help towards that end by purchasing my published books and by contributing to me for my published work at Liberty Island Magazine through the PayPal link that is posted there.

No guarantees of original artwork with any purchases of my books or contributions to me, but that is the only way of there being any possibility of original artwork. Furthermore, it supports my writing, including all the free stories I have already published and that I am about to publish.