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Superman Fights for Illegal Aliens while Adam White Fights for Americans

Superman fights for illegal alien invaders in issue 987 of Action Comics according to a Sep. 13 report from The Hollywood Reporter. In contrast, Adam White fights for Americans in Mortal Gods: Ignition.
The Hollywood Reporter article reported that “Superman arrives in the nick of time to protect a group of undocumented immigrants from a white man sporting an American flag bandanna, wielding a machine gun, who is going to shoot them for taking his job.” The article added that this comic book issue “comes just one week after President Donald Trump made the controversial announcement that he was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

King of Battle: “Masks”

Movies and television series based on comic book properties are still doing well. But it’s a different story for the actual comic book industry. Many comic book readers are dissatisfied with it. Some even believe the comic book industry is self-destructing, with its writers, artists, editors, and managers doing all they can to hasten that destruction. I see an opportunity for new creators in all this. And as a way to show what I mean, I’ve written a short prose story called, King of Battle: “Masks.”

There appear to be many problems with the comic book industry. [I no longer read comic books but I read and watch reviews of them and the comic book industry (see the below video), and I read comments made on social media by comic book creators.] One of the problems seems to be that its writers no longer have an ability to write relevant stories. And that’s pretty astonishing. Each new day brings about more subjects and issues that can easily form the basis of interesting stories (comic b…