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Entertainment Weekly and ‘The Best Comics of 2017’

Entertainment Weekly published its list of “best comics” for 2017 on Dec. 14. And while I haven’t yet produced any comic book work, it’s worthwhile to look at the list just to note how much difference there is between established pop culture and what I’m creating.

EW picked 12 different comic books for its list of, “The best comics of 2017.” Two of them in particular caught my attention. First, the book it selected for “Best Political Commentary” was, Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop the Reign? After mentioning that, “Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency provoked a lot of pop culture reactions this year,” EW summarizes the story.
As the unnamed monk protagonist continues his journey across America, he now runs into the symbols of a broken culture: People in immiserating poverty, given over to crime and openly walking around with swastika tattoos. Trump references litter the background of the comic, and even though the real villain is a talking mind-controlling crab, the parallel with ano…

‘Appalling Stories’ Promoted on Ace of Spades HQ

Conservative website Ace of Spades HQ linked to Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice on the Dec. 24 edition of its Sunday Morning Book Thread.
Click on over to AoSHQ and read all about it.
Dave Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and I appreciate the promotion of our brand new anthology!
Appalling Stories is available now as an eBook and is coming soon in paperback.

Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna” – Chapter 2

Mortal Gods: “Sodom by the Susquehanna” is an original story set in the universe of Mortal Gods. I am publishing it serially on an irregular schedule. Click on the “Mortal Gods SBTS Serial” tag at the bottom to access all chapters that have been published.

Chapter 2:
Merchandise hadn’t entered or exited the Los Angeles warehouse in ten years. The number of its broken windows were close to equaling the solid ones. And it was as if the rust dripping down the side of the structure and into the earth was decaying everything near it—abandoned vehicles, crumbling docks, and cracked pavement. Even the ground was stale and lifeless, like dirt hidden from light and rain for decades at the bottom of an unfinished cellar. The 1989 Chevy van, with peeling paint and rotting dents, looked like just another piece of junk a quarter mile away from the building.
“Three more coming up,” Christina York said from inside the rear of the Strategic Effect Group van. Images of two men and a woman grew la…

‘Appalling Stories’: You Won’t Believe What’s in these 13 Tales

UPDATE: Jan. 12, 2018—Paperback version available now!

What happens when social media and entertainment overwhelm society? What about when a man finds out his country sides with foreign invaders against its own citizens? Or what happens when a self-righteous mob thirsts for violence? You’ll have to read, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, to learn the answers to these questions!

Pulp novels and magazines of days gone by featured gritty fiction full of excitement, startling endings, and eternal themes. You’ll find similar stories in the brand new anthology by David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and me. But all our tales feature contemporary plots told in ways like you’ve never seen.
What does this mean? It means you find revenge stories, tales of justice, military drama, and literary fiction in Appalling Stories. But all the yarns incorporate modern issues such as LGBTQI activism, college radicalism, challenges to free speech, diversity, and more. No preaching here—just backdrops f…