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‘Appalling Stories’: You Won’t Believe What’s in these 13 Tales

Art by Stephen Harper
UPDATE: Jan. 12, 2018—Paperback version available now!

What happens when social media and entertainment overwhelm society? What about when a man finds out his country sides with foreign invaders against its own citizens? Or what happens when a self-righteous mob thirsts for violence? You’ll have to read, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, to learn the answers to these questions!

Pulp novels and magazines of days gone by featured gritty fiction full of excitement, startling endings, and eternal themes. You’ll find similar stories in the brand new anthology by David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and me. But all our tales feature contemporary plots told in ways like you’ve never seen.

What does this mean? It means you find revenge stories, tales of justice, military drama, and literary fiction in Appalling Stories. But all the yarns incorporate modern issues such as LGBTQI activism, college radicalism, challenges to free speech, diversity, and more. No preaching here—just backdrops featuring current concerns.

Here’s a little bit more of a taste of Appalling Stories.

** “Presidential Pardon”: After the government tasks Adam White with hunting down a man who killed a traitor supported by national elites, he must figure out how to reconcile his duty with his sympathy for what the man did. His ultimate decision will stun you.

** “Bake Me a Cake”: Who are the evilest people in existence? The world soon finds out after Charlee and Ethan visit Marty and Agnes Slumjinsky’s cake shop.

** “The Obsolete Man”: Once society agrees that white privilege must be wiped out, how does it go about doing that? Case Processor Ku’mo gives you an inside look at the answer.

So buy Appalling Stories today. It’s on sale now as an eBook and in paperback. Unique, fun, and intriguing tales await you.