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Mortal Gods: ‘Presidential Pardon’ Available Now—in ‘Appalling Stories!’

Superhuman at Sunset
© Paul Hair, 2012
Liberate Liberty promoted the then-in-progress, Mortal Gods: “Presidential Pardon,” in March of 2017. The story is now available in, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, the brand new anthology by David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and me.

“Spying and treason accusations are all the rage in the news,” I wrote on March 13, 2017. “So ‘Presidential Pardon’ will be a short story in the Mortal Gods universe that will fit right in with the times.”

I also wrote that, “I plan to publish it serially here at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island Magazine.” That plan changed. The Appalling Stories anthology I worked on with Ray and Dave proved to be a perfect fit for the tale so I included it in there.

And as I noted in 2017, “Presidential Pardon” has “espionage and betrayal in the story, with some people supporting it and others opposing it. There will be accusations of injustice followed by demands for justice.”

So buy Appalling Stories today (or wait until it is available in paperback—which should happen soon). You’ll enjoy “Presidential Pardon” along with the 12 other tales.