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Marvel Has Its Muslim Superheroine. Meet My Christian Superhumans.

Marvel recently announced that it will feature Kamala Khan, a Muslim superheroine, in an upcoming Marvel movie. And while the world waits for that to happen, you can read my fiction featuring superhumans of the Christian faith. And their faith isn’t just part of their character; it’s central to who they are and to their stories.
On May 14, The Daily Caller (or The Smoke Room portion of it) published “Marvel Planning to Bring Its First Muslim Superhero to the Big Screen” in reference to Kamala Khan. Khan currently is using the “Ms. Marvel” superheroine title in Marvel’s line of comic books. Her back story is that she is “a Pakistani teenager living in New Jersey.”
Those interested in learning more about Khan can read the Marvel comic books now or wait for her introduction into the Marvel cinematic universe.
Meanwhile, I’ve created Christian superhuman characters for my fiction. And I’ll be creating even more of them.
And the Christian aspect of these characters isn’t peripheral; it’s …

‘Deadpool 2’ Villain Shows Why My Villains Are Who They Are

Deadpool 2 continues its run in theaters. Its creators recently revealed that they fashioned a villain after faithful Christians. This admission provides the perfect opportunity to explain why the villains in my stories are who they are.
The Hollywood Reporter reported on May 23 that actor Eddie Marsan partially based his villainous character on Christians (all below emphasis mine).
The hatred on display in Charlottesville also ended up seeping into the fabric of Deadpool 2. At the time, Eddie Marsan was crafting his character, the Headmaster, an evil man who runs the Essex school for mutants. The Headmaster torments young mutants and teaches them that their powers are sinful. Marsan has just a short amount of screen time to bring the character to life, and in the original script, there was a lot less detail about the character. “We knew it was going to be a bad guy in this position doing these nefarious things,” says director David Leitch, who cracked the character with Marsan. “But I…