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Marvel Has Its Muslim Superheroine. Meet My Christian Superhumans.

Excerpt of Kamala Khan image.
Via Marvel Comics.
Marvel recently announced that it will feature Kamala Khan, a Muslim superheroine, in an upcoming Marvel movie. And while the world waits for that to happen, you can read my fiction featuring superhumans of the Christian faith. And their faith isn’t just part of their character; it’s central to who they are and to their stories.

On May 14, The Daily Caller (or The Smoke Room portion of it) published “Marvel Planning to Bring Its First Muslim Superhero to the Big Screen” in reference to Kamala Khan. Khan currently is using the “Ms. Marvel” superheroine title in Marvel’s line of comic books. Her back story is that she is “a Pakistani teenager living in New Jersey.”

Those interested in learning more about Khan can read the Marvel comic books now or wait for her introduction into the Marvel cinematic universe.

Meanwhile, I’ve created Christian superhuman characters for my fiction. And I’ll be creating even more of them.

And the Christian aspect of these characters isn’t peripheral; it’s a core part of who they are (some of them, anyway). And Christianity factors into the stories, even when it isn’t explicit.

On top of this, the Christian characters aren’t Christian just as a reaction to what mainstream entertainment is doing. Rather, it is part of an effort to craft literature. For instance, instead of creating stories where a man says to his wife, “No way do I want to go to the opera with you! All I want to do is watch TV while I drink beer and fart!” I want to create stories that entertain but also explore the deeper and more complicated aspects of life. Literature of old used to do this—literature that triggers modern society and causes it to recoil with disgust.

So as Marvel moves forward with introducing a Muslim superheroine to its movie universe, and as it introduces all sorts of other diverse characters and stories as well, I’m forging ahead with my Christian superhumans and creating stories, worlds, and universes unlike anything you’ve ever seen.