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Cannon Fodder

Image © Paul Hair
A few weeks ago, I wrote “The End of the New York Times” in response to The New York Times publishing fiction that fantasized about the assassination of President Trump. And you know what I discovered from that? Writing fiction is a lot more fun than nonfiction. It’s probably a lot more effective too. If nothing else, it’s at least something different than the analyses and commentaries that are on every other news or political website.

This one takes place in the same universe as the previous tale. And it focuses on an issue going on right now: foreigners invading and conquering America, and the journalists who support them.

Here now, in 1,000 words or less, is “Cannon Fodder.”


“Whoa! What is that? I think it’s a human skull!” Stu said.

“No,” Eduardo told him.

“How can you be sure?” Wei asked.

Eduardo walked over to it and kicked some leaves off it. “Deer skull.”

Stu and Wei stared at the elongated bone.

“Oh,” Stu said. He clicked a few photos of it with his phone, listening to Ryan, the videographer they had brought with them, stifle a laugh. “Still, wouldn’t be surprised if it was a human skull. America forces people trying to get here to travel the most inhumane routes possible.”

“Dude, we’re in Mexico,” Wei said.

“You know what I meant,” he shot back. “Fascist America is forcing people to come this way.”

“It’s starting,” Eduardo said.

The Mexican guide pointed at the fence 100 years in front of them and The Postjournalists gave it their full attention. Concertina wire topped it. Thousands of Central and South American refugees were on the Mexican side of it. U.S. Border Patrol was on the American side. Hundreds of journalists, mostly Americans, were on both sides.

About 100 male refugees suddenly ran towards the border. They screamed death-curdling yells, the noise growing in volume and furor once they crashed into the fence. It bowed towards the American side. The attackers shook it and began climbing it. . . .

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