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‘Appalling 2’ Confirms Craving for Conservative Tales

Excerpt of
Appalling Stories 2 Cover
Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto interviewed me about the brand new Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice. Here it is!


Movies, TV shows, music and books increasingly feature progressive views.

Heck, visit and you’ll see a steady flow of programming asking audiences to think, and vote, a certain way. Take the most recent “Murphy Brown”episode, or virtually any from the low-rated reboot.

The team behind “Appalling Stories” offered something different. The 2017 book featured tales that mocked Leftist tropes. The sequel, “Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice,” shares even more examples of what happens when artists tweak liberal groupthink.

HiT reached out to Paul Hair, who co-wrote the first book and contributes an original story to the new anthology, about the cultural forces behind this sequel. NOTE: This reporter penned the book’s foreword…

HiT: How did reader reactions shape the second “Appalling Stories” installment?

Paul Hair: HiT interviewed us about the first “Appalling Stories.” HiT readers responded to that and purchased the book. It let us know there’s a market for people who want to read tales other than what the legacy publishers are producing. So we wanted to publish another anthology of pulp fiction stories with themes and subjects that you just can’t find anywhere else.

But we wanted to make it different too.

David Dubrow, Ray Zacek and I wrote the first anthology. We wanted more authors for the sequel. And boy did we get good ones.

There are some names that readers will recognize instantly (such as Mike Baron, co-creator of comic book superhero Nexus, and sci-fi author Jon Del Arroz).

Others will be writers that people might be discovering. In both cases, readers will find thrilling short tales that are satisfyingly entertaining. . . .

Read the entire interview at Hollywood in Toto.