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Take It Back

Header image © Paul Hair.
This flash fiction story is set in the same universe as the previous tales (“The End of the New York Times” and “Cannon Fodder”). Since this is the third story taking place in the same universe, I decided to give it a name. And I decided to be very creative about it. I’m calling it, The President universe.

The latest entry again features a plot about journalists’ War on America. And it again features President Edmonds’ efforts in fighting back.

Here now, in 1,000 words or less, is “Take It Back.”


“You really think you’re going to get away with rejecting a judge’s order?” Craig asked President Antonio Edmonds, the two on opposite sides of the imposing desk.

“An order to give CNN full access to the White House and me at all times? You bet I am.”

Craig shook his head. “Between this and what you did to The New York Times, it’s no wonder everyone is clamoring for our heads.”

“That’s just it,” Edmonds said. “Everyone isn’t clamoring for our heads. But journalists want everyone to believe they are.” . . .

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