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Comedian Michael Loftus Talks about ‘Appalling Stories 2’ on His Podcast!

Artwork © Paul Hair
Comedian Michael Loftus is touring on the successful The Deplorables comedy tour. I write for his website and yesterday he had me on his podcast to talk about Appalling Stories 2!

I talk a lot about “The Order that Changed the World,” the tale I contributed to the anthology, on the podcast. But I also talk about the other stories as well. Better yet, Michael and I discuss the first Appalling Stories along with the importance of creating culture.

We also get into talking about a host of other subjects, including the possibility of starting to publish some fiction through The Loftus Party.

Head on over to The Loftus Party and listen to the podcast. And be sure to check out the new post I published at The Loftus Party about “The Order that Changed the World” and how it addresses the question, “What Would Happen if America Banned Guns?”

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Appalling Stories 2. Don’t forget to leave reviews at Amazon and to tell others about it!