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New ‘Appalling Stories 2’ Review at Virtual Pulp!

Via “Machine Trooper” (aka: Henry Brown) at Virtual Pulp (a site where I occasionally post):


I haven’t read the first Appalling Stories, but do intend to rectify that.

This is an anthology of short speculative fiction, all linked thematically by the insanity of political correctness and so-called “social justice.” Some of them are set off-world, some take place in Earth’s future, while others are pretty close to the space-time you and I occupy.

An argument could be made that some of the stories are depressing–like classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. At the same time, there’s no denying a significant element of gratification derives from following the character arc of the SJWs who outsmart themselves, feed on each other, and otherwise are hoisted on their own petards. . . .

Read the entire review at Virtual Pulp.