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Mortal Gods: “Counterstrike”

Here is an excerpt of a brand new flash fiction tale I wrote and published at Virtual Pulp!
Mortal Gods: “Counterstrike” is an original, flash fiction story set in a universe where superhumans exist in a real-world setting, and act accordingly. (For instance, they don’t dress up in tights and call themselves superheroes. Or if they do, they soon answer to the law.)
As for the inspiration for this tale? Nothing in particular. Most definitely not any real-life story that is in the news currently.
Here now in 1,000 or fewer words is “Counterstrike.”
“She made a youthful mistake and now she wants to come back!” Abdul Abdallah said to the journalists and other fans. He held up his daughter’s photo. “Rashida is just a child, and it is shameful America is preventing her from escaping from the danger she’s in! Bring her home to Austin!”
The crowd went wild. And the journalists started a riot, their second one of the week.
“Austin authorities have no desire to stop the rioting. Tex…