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Mortal Gods: “The White Supremacists”

Brand new short story by me published at Virtual Pulp today!
War is tough when your own nation undermines you. It’s even tougher when your country slanders you for refusing to die. Mortal Gods: “The White Supremacists” explores this truth with an exciting tale featuring superhuman individuals, warfare, and insidious journalists.
Here’s an excerpt of it.
Cohen unfolded the note and smoothed it out. He placed it as flat as he could get it on the rock that had been covering it. He tapped the message into his phone as he silently read it.
Intelligence finally located Baghdadi and Jubouri, and a few other leaders of the revived Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Just outside of Ramadi. They’re guarded by superhumans. First time we’ve ever seen this. So we’ve made the decision to deploy our own superhumans in a special task force. First time using them against ISIL. Operation will take place tomorrow.
He finished and burned the note. He stood up and his phone rang. TransparNet, the …