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The President: “Tearin’ Down Monuments”

Artwork © Paul Hair, 2019
Another exciting, new flash fiction tale written by me and published today at Virtual Pulp!

What happens when communists escalate their war on American monuments? A president who is as shrewd as a serpent but innocent as a dove responds.

Here’s an excerpt of it.


“Laws that protect hate deserve to be broken!” the communist shouted. She and her comrades pushed with all their might on the George Washington statue. It finally moved, toppling to the ground with a tremendous crash.

They celebrated, and smashed the Founding Father to pieces.


“So the court ruling protecting the Washington statue didn’t work,” Democratic President Edmonds said.

“No it did not. And it wasn’t just the communists civilians who ignored it,” Hannah replied. “City officials were there. They smiled and watched it. Some of them even joined in on destroying it.”

Edmonds signed the order and placed his pen on the desk. “So be it. Prepare for the June First operation.”

“Yes, sir.” . . .

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