David Horowitz Publishes New Book; Hopes Conservatives Don’t Treat Him Way He and Conservative Establishment Treated Diana West

November 13, 2013

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American Betrayal by Diana West

Noted professional clown and all around jackass David Horowitz has been on a publicity tour for his new book, The Black Book of the American Left. His book discusses, among other things, communist influence and support in America.

I spoke to Horowitz and those praising him, asking how they can justify his new book with a straight face following the vicious and unwarranted attacks he led on Diana West and American Betrayal, a book which exposed communist influence in America.

“I want the American public to wake up to how badly communism has subverted the nation,” Horowitz said to me. “But only if it does so while listening to me. After all, I have approved myself and select cronies as the sole experts on the subject. Diana West never received that approval. Even worse, she had the audacity to publish a book on communist influence in America before me. How do you think it made me feel knowing that The Black Book of the American Left would be a mere also-ran next to American Betrayal? So I think any fair-minded person would be able to understand why I did what I did.”

Other notable conservative figures support Horowitz on this.

“It’s just what we needed,” said Rick Moran of American Thinker, taking a break from brainstorming on the next area of conservatism to surrender to the left. “We need brave souls like David who alert us to the dangers that others won’t.”

I asked Moran about West and American Betrayal since American Thinker allowed a writer to slam both her and her book even as it refused to allow her to respond.

“She’s not a brave soul!” Moran quickly replied. “She’s a conspiracy theorist who didn’t bother to get the approval of David Horowitz and Ron Radosh. And that’s inexcusable.

“Furthermore,” Moran added, “I think West actually believes what she writes. She’s not just in it for fame and fortune. If she took a page from David’s book and learned how to attack those who are first to alert society of a disaster so as to discredit them in order to set herself up as a the leading clarion voice later down the road, I might give her more credence. But as it stands, she’s a true believer. She’s not interested in eternally perpetuating the game between left and right. She actually wants one side to win.”

I next sought out Ron Radosh who, along with Conrad Black, fiercely competes with Horowitz for being the biggest lout.

“I don’t have much time to speak with you,” Radosh said to me as we chatted in his study. “I gotta work real hard on finishing my review of Horowitz’s book. I’m currently in the process of making up quotes and other stuff that isn’t in his book to prove how great it is!” he added with wide eyes as he hurriedly sorted through various papers on his desk. “As a professional historian who knows the correct way to interpret history, I know how to review books on history—what is right and what is wrong. This is also what qualifies me to make up things that aren’t in books I review, or make up conversations that never happened. I’m a historian! I’m a historian! I’m a historian!”

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Conservatives and art – someday?

September 1, 2013

UPDATE: 09/01/2013: Added additional artwork and link to Alvaro Alvillar’s website.

UPDATE: 09/02/2013: Added links to captions on artwork; added tilde to “mañana”.

UPDATE: 09/02/2013: Corrected links; added video.

Our longest engagement to date is the culture war currently taking place in our own back yard. And with no end in sight, liberal/progressive/collectivists have been kicking some serious conservative ass – seemingly without resistance – for the last few decades.

And where the culture goes – so went the country.

Shamelessly transforming our way of life, collectivists have been flexing their cultural muscles; exercising their game plans; shifting strategies to meet any opposition; and patiently inching closer and closer for the final blow.

Black and White, and Red All Over

“Black and White, and Red All Over”

And while progressives were T.C.B. and lying to our face, too many Americans were content to simply enjoy all the hard earned gifts laid out before them by their predecessors, without a care in the world or a thought about mañana.

Oblivious, they hadn’t noticed the collectivist agenda slowly creeping into every facet of their complacent lives, until they were finally bitch-slapped into consciousness by reality, coming to in a home no longer their own.

Now easy targets, the left pounced; relentlessly ridiculing them and accusing them of every hate crime ever suffered by humanity, until they were so beaten down, they found themselves feeling guilty as charged and deserving of any and all abuses.

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Copperhead Movie a Unique Take on the Civil War

June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 25, 2013 – Orthodox mythology of the Civil War holds that the Northern states rallied in unity behind the messianic President Lincoln on a noble mission to liberate the slaves and preserve the Union. Its terrible cost in American lives – unmatched by any other conflict before or since – is taken as a measure of that nobility, and anyone who challenges that view can only be an idiot, or worse, a closet racist. The truth, as usual, is a little more complicated.

Copperhead, a movie set to open this coming Friday, June 28, grapples with one of these complicated truths: Northern opposition to the war. This is a truly unique Civil War movie. There are no battle scenes; no exploration of different campaigns and the military logic that informed them. Rather, this movie explores the politically uncomfortable realities – the divergence of interests and opinions, of rhetoric versus reality, and the social upheavals – that accompany major conflict. It may not change your view on the Civil War, but certainly challenges orthodox thinking, and deepens our understanding of an aspect that is rarely mentioned.

Copperheads were the derogatory name given by Republicans to “Peace Democrats,” a wing of the Democratic Party that opposed the Civil War. While Republicans were referring to the poisonous snake of that name, Copperheads responded by defiantly wearing lady liberty lapel buttons cut from copperhead pennies. They wielded a fair amount of influence, especially in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, but their protest was felt throughout the North. Most Copperheads believed the war was unconstitutional and destructive, and that Lincoln was abusing his power. Some low-income laborers, for example in the coal fields of Pennsylvania, also saw liberation of the slaves as a threat to their jobs. Prominent leaders included Ohio Representative Clement Vallandigham.

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The Pursuit of Superhuman Abilities

May 6, 2013

Ray Kurzweil continues his pursuit of superhuman abilities and immortality.

Superhuman Hearing

May 5, 2013

From The Los Angeles Times: “Bionic ear with superhuman potential, hot off the printer”

Batgirl and a Moral Duty to Do Evil

May 5, 2013

It’s not just that leftists have to constantly assault language and pervert morality because they think it is okay for them to do so. Rather they are so committed to their jihad and atheist, humanist, secularist religion, that they have a moral duty to do evil.

So those writing Batgirl comic books don’t just feel okay in creating “transgendered” characters and promoting the created word, “cis-gendered,” to refer to normal people, they have a moral obligation to do it; a moral obligation to attack good and wage war for evil.

Mortal Gods: Superhumans in the Workplace

April 28, 2013
Miriam Gardner - Artwork by Jose Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

Miriam Gardner - Artwork by Jose Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

The Associated Press published an article late last year on how the increase in technological advancement is trending towards the advent of the superhuman.

And with the advent, people are now considering how it is going to affect society—including the workplace.

“We’re not talking science fiction here,” said Genevra Richardson, the King’s College law professor who oversaw the report. “These technologies could influence our ability to learn or perform tasks, they could influence our motivation, they could enable us to work in more extreme conditions or in old age, or they could facilitate our return to work after illness or disability …. Their use at work also raises serious ethical, political and economic questions.”

Scully said workers may come under pressure to try a new memory-boosting drug or buy the latest wearable computer.

“In the context of a highly pressurized work environment, how free is the choice not to adopt such technologies?” she said.

The full report (“Human enhancement and the future of work”) referenced in the above excerpt is online at The Royal Society.

Man of Steel, “Hope,” and DC Comics Hating Conservatives

April 28, 2013

Many people have already noted that the latest Man of Steel trailer contains the “Hope” line. Also, people should remember that DC Comics, following an outcry from leftists, essentially pulled Orson Scott Card from writing a series of Superman stories because of his pro-morality stance for marriage.

So when the Man of Steel movie comes out later this year, I guess conservatives will have to ask themselves if they really want to go see it and support Superman, DC Comics, and their own continued destruction.

Mortal Gods and Superhuman Abilities: No Longer Mere Speculation

April 25, 2013

The primary purpose of the story, Mortal Gods: “A Declaration of Independence” (along with the planned Mortal Gods universe as a whole), is to entertain. But it’s not just entertainment.

Miriam Gardner - Artwork by Jose Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

Miriam Gardner - Artwork by Jose Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

Elements of what appear in Mortal Gods are extrapolated from what is going on in the real world and where things are headed—not just politically but technologically and scientifically as well.

I believe that we will eventually see people with superhuman abilities, and I will link and post about relevant stories and information when I find them.

A great place to start is the, “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds,” report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence via the National Intelligence Council late last year.

While the report contains nonsense such as the threat of so-called climate change, it also has some useful information including the following on page 97 of the report (Adobe Reader page 118):

Successful prosthetics probably will be directly integrated with the user’s body. Brain-machine interfaces could provide “superhuman” abilities, enhancing strength and speed, as well as providing functions not previously available.

Superhuman abilities aren’t just mere speculation any longer; they are on the horizon.

James O’Keefe

April 25, 2013

James O’Keefe is one of the few notable people who are right of communist that knows what the left is and how to fight back against the leftist war. This video speaks for itself. It is a shame that more prominent people who aren’t full leftists don’t share this awareness and willingness to fight back.