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‘Appalling Stories’: You Won’t Believe What’s in these 13 Tales

UPDATE: Jan. 12, 2018—Paperback version available now!

What happens when social media and entertainment overwhelm society? What about when a man finds out his country sides with foreign invaders against its own citizens? Or what happens when a self-righteous mob thirsts for violence? You’ll have to read, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, to learn the answers to these questions!

Pulp novels and magazines of days gone by featured gritty fiction full of excitement, startling endings, and eternal themes. You’ll find similar stories in the brand new anthology by David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and me. But all our tales feature contemporary plots told in ways like you’ve never seen.
What does this mean? It means you find revenge stories, tales of justice, military drama, and literary fiction in Appalling Stories. But all the yarns incorporate modern issues such as LGBTQI activism, college radicalism, challenges to free speech, diversity, and more. No preaching here—just backdrops f…
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Discovering Truth through Story

Stories shouldn’t be preachy but that doesn’t mean they can’t impart a lesson or relay a message. Indeed, the theme (along with motifs) is one of the five components that a story must have. So every story is teaching or promoting something. This is why people often resort to storytelling when they want to spread a lie—a false belief or ideology. Conversely, storytelling is equally useful in helping people discover the truth.

Screen Rant published a column on Dec. 23, 2017, revealing how, “Batman Comics Are Fighting For Transgender Awareness.”
At the time, we couldn’t help but appreciate that Batman supported Victoria’s transition, mentioned and alluded to in vocabulary that non-LGBTQ readers could completely miss. But those in the community would see the exact message being sent by writers James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett. In the months since that issue, Detective has kept the conversation going. But as other comic titles and publishers battle the opposing forces of readers call…

Foreign Policy Journals that Reviewed ‘Black Panther’ Would Enjoy My Fiction Too

Providence, “a Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy,” reviewed the movie Black Panther on Feb. 9. And if comic book movies appeal to foreign policy journals, then my fiction—which regularly features contemporary national security issues, cultural issues, and even Christianity—should appeal to them too.
Providence published, “What You Should Know About Wakanda,” last week, providing a backgrounder of the fictional nation that is home to the Black Panther.
And last March, Providence published a rather in-depth review of the movie, Logan, entitling it, “An Ode to Men of a Violent Mold: Logan, a review.”
Both Black Panther and Logan are, of course, based on comic books. But they are high-profile movies and there are some legitimate national security angles at which to review them. So it’s understandable why foreign policy journals highlight them.
But my fiction regularly features real (or close to real) foreign policy or national security issues. It also often deals with c…

Kate Upton and the U.S. Marines

“Sex sells,” is a common enough saying. And it’s true. It’s so true that people prefer to look at beautiful women pretending to be something they aren’t instead of looking at people being who they actually are. Case in point, people prefer looking at Kate Upton pretending to be a marine over looking at me being an actual soldier.

There’s nothing wrong with the truth that people prefer looking at beautiful women over others. So this isn’t a complaint. And while I don’t have official statistics on how many people have viewed the following imagery of Kate Upton working out with the U.S. Marines, I’m quite certain the number is much higher than the number of people who have looked at any of the imagery (which, by the way, are quite rare) of me in uniform being an actual soldier.

And people preferring beautiful women to non-beautiful people is why I include beautiful women in my fiction and the professional art I commission from time-to-time (see one such example below).

Hollywood in Toto Dares to Cover Entertainment from a Different Perspective

Christian Toto covers the full-spectrum of entertainment at Hollywood in Toto. The HiT website and podcast cover the big things coming out of Hollywood just like other entertainment sites do. But they also cover the smaller things you haven’t yet discovered. That’s one unique thing about HiT. What’s another one? Hollywood in Toto covers the world of entertainment without pushing the latest progressive narratives and causes.
I met Christian years ago when we both contributed to Breitbart. And I’ve kept in touch with the veteran entertainment journalist, movie critic, podcaster, and radio show co-host since then. He recently wrote a Hollywood in Toto article about, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, a new anthology that Dave Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and I authored. And after you read that, click through the rest of the site to read more entertainment news and reviews you won’t find elsewhere.
“ is my passion project. It’s a site dedicated to smart Hollywood r…

Stephen Limbaugh Wants to Be the ‘Absolute Best’ Pianist

Stephen Limbaugh wants to be such a good pianist and composer that people will have to hire him if they want to work with the best. And after you listen to his music and read about his work ethic, you might believe he’ll achieve that goal. On top of this, he says he’s working on something “that will literally change the music game going forward.”

Stephen Limbaugh III is a pianist and composer living in Los Angeles. He runs where you can find out more about him and the music he’s produced. He also sells his music through popular online retailers. “I’ve got lots of GREAT music on iTunes and Amazon,” he said.
His latest single is, “Anchors Aweigh” (Oct. 2017), and his latest full album is, Pants (Jan. 2015).

So how did he end up in this career?
“I started out on piano because my dad plays and is a huge classical music aficionado,” Limbaugh said. “I started at the age of 11 or 12, which is late compared to other concert pianists.” . . .
Read the entire article at T…

Meet the Minds Behind an ‘Appalling’ SJW Takedown

WRITTEN BY Christian Toto

Three right-leaning writers take our woke age to task in this short story collection.

Some stories rarely get told by Hollywood, let alone writers seeking approval from august literary imprints.

The folks behind an “Appalling” new story collection didn’t let that stop them.

Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice” pokes fun at PC restrictions with a collection of tales speaking to an increasingly silly age.

HiT reached out to the authors behind the book – Paul Hair, David Dubrow and Ray Zacek – to find out more about the short story collection and why they trained their firepower on Social Justice Warriors.

HiT; Sinking your teeth into social justice follies is both fertile ground and mostly unexplored terrain … did that make the project even more tempting to tackle?

Ray Zacek: Oh, you better believe! ‘Son of a gun we having fun on the bayou’ was my approach to this collaboration. Plucking the tail feathers from the peacock of political correctness appe…

Jon Del Arroz Is Authoring Sci-Fi And Defying Stereotypes

Jon Del Arroz is a Hispanic science fiction author with a rising profile. He’s already published quite a bit of work and has more ready to debut in 2018. In addition to this, Del Arroz is defying media stereotypes, with his involvement in the Vox Day-led Alt*Hero being one such example of his breaking the mold.
Hollywood in Toto profiled Del Arroz in June of 2017, and PJ Media published an article about him on Jan. 3. His isn’t a household name yet but he seems to be doing all that he can to make it one. He has a sizable catalogue of stories that range from novels to comic books. His latest full-length work is a young adult novel called, For Steam and Country: Book One of the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle.
“It’s just a fun steampunk fantasy about a girl who inherits an airship and finds herself in the middle of a war,” Del Arroz said about the book. “It’s got great reviews and people love it. I kind of think of it as the Star Wars of steampunk, a genre that’s been underserved with e…