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Exclusive "Mortal Gods: Invasion" Artwork. © Paul Hair. All Rights Reserved.

Exclusive “Mortal Gods: Invasion” Artwork. © Paul Hair. All Rights Reserved.

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Winning through Losing collects two short stories: “Common Ground” and “Winning through Losing.” “Winning through Losing” is dramatic prose but “Common Ground” is humorous prose (some might even say satire). On top of this, if you’re in for a laugh following the 2016 election season, “Common Ground” provides that with its plot about a presidential campaign that goes amusingly wrong.

I solely authored all the above stories. Meanwhile, I helped Matt Barber write the nonfiction, Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity. This hard-hitting book documents the increasingly hostile attacks on faithful Christians in the U.S. and forecasts how things will become worse.

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Hollywood Biases Doom Attempts to Film Classic Literature

Hollywood probably should stop attempting to turn classic literature into movies. It isn’t that classic works don’t make for great films, but Hollywood biases doom attempts to adapt them.

Disney released John Carter a few years back and it performed poorly. I eventually watched it and couldn’t figure out why audiences didn’t like it. And then I read, A Princess of Mars (the book upon which John Carter is based).

John Carter takes some characters and their personalities, and a handful of scenes from the book, but then proceeds to tell an entirely different story than A Princess of Mars. . . .

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Creating a Young Adult Series

Photograph of Victory Base Complex outside of Baghdad, Iraq. © 2009, Paul Hair.

Photograph of Victory Base Complex outside of Baghdad, Iraq. © 2009, Paul Hair.

In addition to the forthcoming fiction previously mentioned here at Liberate Liberty, I am developing another original work that I hope to start publishing in 2017. And that work will be a young adult series.

I have a title in mind for this young adult series but I’ll hold that back for the time being and wait until I’m sure of what I want to call it before I announce it. But I can say that, as it exists now, the series will revolve around an American family that travels domestically and abroad. (Whether they travel to Iraq, pictured above, remains to be seen.) The father is a world-renowned doctor who both performs difficult surgeries and teaches medicine to others. As the family travels to different locales they experience unique adventures. The family’s two sons will be the main protagonists.

Does this sound similar to other series or stories you’ve read, heard, or watched? It should, because the type of series I’m developing is in the genre of family mystery/adventure series for young adults.

I’ve long wanted to do my own young adult adventure series and now is the perfect time to do it.

My plan is to publish the first installment as a serialized story. I believe I know the site where I will publish it but since I’m not yet certain I won’t say. Regardless of the site, the first story almost certainly will be published in its entirety for free. In fact, I cannot think of any reason that would change my intent to publish it at no charge.

As with the other announced, in-the-works fiction, keep following Liberate Liberty for updates on this under development young adult series. Right now this is the only fiction I’m working on that is for kids and I hope it proves to be both fun to write and entertaining to readers.

Theme of Mortal Gods: Crush Evil

Adam White as he appears in the story, "Warrior," part of "Mortal Gods: Ignition".

Adam White as he appears in the story, “Warrior,” part of “Mortal Gods: Ignition”.

I’ve previously written on the themes of Mortal Gods, including how one of them is that people should fight evil instead of surrendering on it. But another theme (or an expansion of the one just mentioned) is that people shouldn’t just fight evil; they should unapologetically crush it.

** Potential Spoiler Alerts ahead on Mortal Gods: Ignition and Mortal Gods: “I Am Chaos.” **

All three short stories in Mortal God: Ignition feature protagonists who are unapologetic about confronting evil and wanting nothing but its destruction. The same holds true for a supporting character in, Mortal Gods: “I Am Chaos.” They have no pity for the people who engage in evil or side with it.

This theme alone sets MG:I and “I Am Chaos” apart from other contemporary fiction, which all but denies that things traditionally recognized as evil are evil any longer. Such things now are defined ambivalently with modern authors searching for ways to find so-called nuance in them. (Meanwhile, the same modern authors work to define what is right and good as unforgivably evil.)

The way the characters in each of the four stories varies. Perhaps the hero isn’t confident of the correct course of action at first. Or perhaps he isn’t confident that his actions will work. Or perhaps he has neither of those challenges. But one thing remains consistent: he hates evil, and he won’t give it any quarter when he identifies it and is able to act against it.

Crushing evil is an important theme of Mortal Gods: Ignition and “I Am Chaos.” It will remain an important theme in many future Mortal Gods stories.

Even Fictional Security Organizations Should Vet New Hires

It’s a good idea to vet someone before you make him part of your clandestine security organization, give him access to secrets, and allow him the ability to inflict damage on you and everyone else. But you wouldn’t necessarily know this if you watch a particularly TV series currently on the air. So I thought I’d provide a few basic steps real-life organizations take when checking to see if they want to add someone to their ranks.

Movies and television series are fiction, so there is always some level of unreality that is acceptable in them. And that level varies from project-to-project. But, with the exception of extreme comedies and satires, there needs to be some verisimilitude in them or they start taking the audience out of the story. (The same holds true for written stories.)

So here is what the aforementioned television series with the international security organization should do when considering bringing someone into its ranks. . . .

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