Black Widow Won’t Benefit from a Solo Movie

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Still image from the official "Captain America: Civil War" trailer.

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Still image from the official “Captain America: Civil War” trailer.

Fans of the Marvel Comics character Black Widow may be clamoring for her to have her own movie, but it won’t benefit the character if producers ever fulfill that wish.

News, rumors, and demands continue surfacing about a future Black Widow movie that would star Scarlett Johansson as the titular character. Yet if this eventually occurs, it won’t benefit the character because one of her central draws is her mysteriousness.

Liberate Liberty published, “Women as Mystery in Literature,” on July 9 and noted that enigma is part of the feminine allure.

There are two prominent female characters in Mortal Gods: Ignition: Victoria and Amanda. Victoria plays important parts in the first two stories while Amanda only appears in the second one. And while the stories spend significant portions on both women the reader doesn’t learn a whole lot about them. This is intentional. This makes them mysterious and thus makes the reader want to know more about them. In other words, this quality helps sustain the reader’s interest.

Black Widow (aka: Natasha Romanoff) is also an intelligence professional. This emphasizes that secrecy is core to her character.

So having the Black Widow as a supporting character works great. It is perfect for her because secrecy is who she is. Alternatively, making her the central character of a film would do a disservice to her because it would degrade that mysteriousness.

In the end, of course, this won’t matter. Marvel likely will make a movie about Natasha Romanoff. Maybe the public will like it and maybe it won’t. But it ultimately will be the wrong way to use the Black Widow in a movie.

Image source: Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Want Unique Fiction? Visit Liberate Liberty.

Adam White as he appears in the story, "Warrior," part of "Mortal Gods: Ignition".

Adam White as he appears in the story, “Warrior,” part of “Mortal Gods: Ignition”.

Boasting of being “unique” is common. But Liberate Liberty really is unique compared to Hollywood and the entertainment industry. And two older news stories, along with two new ones, provide comparative examples of just how different the fiction from Liberate Liberty is and will continue being.

As I’ve written previously, I’m not trying to convince people to abandon mainstream offerings. But I am showing how my fiction is different—how it’s exciting and new, and something you’ve never seen before.

Two older news stories on the entertainment industry are perfect for contrasting between the everyday and what I’m writing.

First, the Daily Mail reported in 2008 that the BBC aired an episode of a TV series called Bonekickers in which a member of a “far-Right evangelical” Christian group beheads a Muslim.

And in April of this year, the Los Angeles Times reported that Hollywood plans to make another adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is about “a totalitarian theocracy existing in what was once the United States . . . .”

Mortal Gods: Ignition juxtaposes nicely with both the Bonekickers episode and The Handmaid’s Tale. It is a collection of three short stories that have themes entirely different than what you will find in either of those offerings.

Here’s a quick passage from MG:I (“The First Transgender Superhuman”) that gives you an idea of what I mean.

The Caucus had formed some time ago after the President had seized absolute power following a Convention of States.

The Convention of States had come about after a handful of national leaders had helped organize it in response to the President after he had already grabbed a substantial amount of authority. However, once they had assembled the Convention of States, the President and his party had said that in doing so they had nullified the entire Constitution, and that he then had the power to rule with an entirely new interpretation of the law. His opponents had countered that a Convention of States did no such thing and had spent countless weeks writing articles and papers for media outlets and think tanks, and filing legal motions to prove that he was wrong. The President and his backers had simply ignored them.

The Caucus had originally lacked cohesion and the ability to function as a unit. Many of its leaders had conflicting ideas and agendas on what to do about the President and his regime. And that wouldn’t have changed had it not been for Amanda and her ability to persuade and mollify people. And once she had succeeded in helping make the Caucus an effective entity, the nation had its first true, albeit secret, opposition to the President and his party in years.

“They will not like what I will do,” Adam told her. “And when they see what I will do, do you honestly think they’ll be able to hold onto their newfound courage?”

Amanda smiled at him and leaned forward, placing both finely manicured hands on his desk as she got closer to him. “Of course they won’t. But I’ll be there to force it back into them,” she said, looking him straight in the eyes.

Adam looked back. “Okay.”

Recent news stories also provide great examples of the uniqueness of Liberate Liberty.

For example, read this August 2016 story on the entertainment industry from Hollywood Reporter. And then read this other story from the Hollywood Reporter. Expect the opposite from Liberate Liberty.

Future stories in the Mortal Gods universe, along with other fiction unrelated to Mortal Gods (including the new story, “The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.”), will be unlike anything else you’re used to reading.

So keep reading Liberate Liberty and the stories you see here. And tell others about them too.

BRAND NEW STORY: ‘The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.’

'The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.' Cover Art. © 2016, Paul Hair.

‘The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.’ Cover Art. © 2016, Paul Hair.

What happens when an idiot obtains superhuman abilities? A darkly humorous tale. Liberate Liberty presents, “The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.,” a brand new, original, FREE short story.

Visit Liberty Island to read the full story. And while it is free, you may contribute to the tip jar at Liberty Island. You also can purchase, Mortal Gods: Ignition and Winning through Losing at Amazon. Or, you can purchase both books and contribute to the tip jar.

Thank you for reading and tell others about, “The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.”!

First Draft Complete of ‘The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.’

So what’s the next original fiction from Liberate Liberty going to be? It almost certainly will be a short story called, “The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.,” and I’ve completed the first draft.

The tale is a darkly humorous one that examines what happens when an idiot gains superhuman abilities.

The full short story will be published for free at Liberty Island and I will post a link here at Liberate Liberty once that happens.

Original Art: Detonate at White Sands

Miriam Gardner - Artwork by José Cano. © Paul Hair, 2010

Miriam Gardner – Artwork by José Cano. © Paul Hair, 2010

Mortal Gods: Ignition is so named because it’s planned as the start of an entire universe of stories. I’ve done some development of this universe, including character creation. One of the characters I’ve created (and who hasn’t appeared in any completed stories) is Miriam Gardner. At one point in her life Miriam works for the American government. And the government gives her the call sign Detonate.

The artwork you see (of Miriam only—not the background) is original art I commissioned José Cano to complete. I’ll explain more about this in a bit and why I likely won’t use this version of her even as I love it.

First, however, I want to give some background on her call sign.

In real life, the U.S. armed forces regularly use call signs to identify individuals or groups of individuals. For instance, a group of five Humvees travelling as a convoy might individually be identified as Nemesis 1, Nemesis 2, and so forth. Call signs simplify and protect identification of troops, particularly when communicating via radio.

For the purposes of Miriam, she has a personal call sign of Detonate. (She might actually have multiple call signs throughout her existence in the Mortal Gods universe. I haven’t decided that yet. The reason her call sign would change would be for security reasons.)

Detonate is descriptive of Miriam based on the superhuman abilities her character has at this point in her development.

I designed Miriam with José creating a professional version based on that design. (José completed Miriam. The background is an edited photograph I took of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. I composited Miriam onto my photograph to create the image you see at the top of the post.)

I love my design and José’s realization of it. But I likely won’t use it in many (if any) stories because it doesn’t fit the realistic style of the Mortal Gods universe.

As I designed her above, Miriam looks like a superhero you’d see in a comic book. I don’t want that for Mortal Gods. Mortal Gods is meant to be a universe that adheres as close to reality as possible with the exception of people with superhuman abilities. And a woman dressed in a white gown while working for the government in a security-related job makes no sense.

So I redesigned Miriam’s look to what you see below (again, José Cano completed the finished product).

Miriam Gardner - Artwork by José Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

Miriam Gardner – Artwork by José Cano. © Paul Hair, 2012

Like I said, I love the design of Miriam in the white dress. And I have one idea for a story where I might be able to use her in that appearance. But I haven’t done much in the way of developing that story and I probably won’t do so for a long time.

Nonetheless, it’s worth it to show her in her white dress design. It’s one of my all-time favorite commissions.

X-Men Blackbird Based on Real Aircraft [VIDEO]

SR-71A - in Flight View from Tanker during an Airborne Refueling. February 1997 NASA Photo / Jim Ross

SR-71A – in Flight View from Tanker during an Airborne Refueling. February 1997 NASA Photo / Jim Ross

Liberate Liberty posted on the U-2 and the terminator line the other day. And that led me to thinking of another aircraft somewhat shrouded in mystery: the SR-71 Blackbird.

The Blackbird traces its origins to the CIA OXCART. The SR-71 Blackbird is the version of the OXCART the U.S. Air Force used. And this version was the aircraft that X-Men comic book creators copied and modified for the superhero team to use.

Watch the below video for more information on the Blackbird, including a brief history on how fast the aircraft was, and how the U.S. used it for national security.

Image Source: DVIDS