‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’ Review vs. ‘Black Panther’ #1 Review

Excerpt of cover to Black Panther #1 (2016) from Marvel Comics. (Artwork by Brian Stelfreeze) Excerpt of Adam White from Mortal Gods: Ignition. (Artwork by José Cano)

Excerpt of cover to Black Panther #1 (2016) from Marvel Comics. (Artwork by Brian Stelfreeze) Excerpt of Adam White from Mortal Gods: Ignition. (Artwork by José Cano)

Reviews of books, when done honestly, are a great thing. They provide criticisms that help readers decide whether they want to spend time (and usually money) on particular books. They also can help in comparing books by revealing how different the plots, styles, and author perspectives are. And that’s exactly what two separate reviews do for Mortal Gods: Ignition and the first issue of comic book series, Black Panther.

Liberate Liberty previously posted on Dave Dubrow’s (a fellow Liberty Island creator) review of Mortal Gods: Ignition. I’ve written a lot on what MG:I is about but Dave provides a fresh and unbiased perspective on it. Go read his great review to see what he has to say about the unique and exciting read.

Once you’re done with that, take some time to read my friend Doug Ernst’s review of Black Panther #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates. You’ll find something entirely different from MG:I—different in genre (Mortal Gods is a prose book about superhumans—not a comic book about superheroes), themes, author perspective, and so forth. Here’s an excerpt from Doug’s review.

You Can’t Get away from It. Buy ‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’ & Read ‘The First Transgender Superhuman’ Today.

“Mortal Gods: Ignition” Back Cover Art. Artwork by José Cano and copyright © by Paul Hair. All rights reserved.

“Mortal Gods: Ignition” Back Cover Art. Artwork by José Cano and copyright © by Paul Hair. All rights reserved.

You can’t get away from it. You can run. You can try to act like it isn’t happening. But it isn’t going to leave you alone. “Transgender” is everywhere and you can’t avoid it. So buy Mortal Gods: Ignition today and read, “The First Transgender Superhuman.”

Mondays are the start of a new news cycle and one of the latest stories comes from a man appearing on C-SPAN to promote the idea that it is people who want nothing to do with the whole concept of “transgender” who actually are driving this modern obsession. Melanie Hunter of CNSNews.com provided some of the transcript.

Mara Keisling, executive director of National Center for Transgender Equality, told C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Monday that North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law is “a ginned up problem” and that the transgender community is “being bullied.”

“It is a ginned up problem that really has trans people baffled and concerned, because we didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything to anybody, and now we’re being bullied,” said Keisling.

Mortal Gods: Ignition became available in January of this year. And the second story of this short-story collection is, “The First Transgender Superhuman.” That was a timely story in January and is even a timelier story now.

So buy Mortal Gods: Ignition today for “The First Transgender Superhuman” and two other stories that are like nothing you have ever read.

‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’ Reviewed at Amazon and Goodreads

Adam White as he appears in the story, "Warrior," part of "Mortal Gods: Ignition".

Adam White as he appears in the story, “Warrior,” part of “Mortal Gods: Ignition”.

If you still haven’t picked up Mortal Gods: Ignition (or read, “I Am Chaos,” the free short story set in the Mortal Gods universe), check out Dave Dubrow’s new review of MG:I at Amazon, Goodreads, or his website.

Dave is an author and fellow Liberty Island creator, and he offers a candid review of Mortal Gods: Ignition. He covers each story and the collection as a whole, concluding with his assessment of the book.

Political without being preachy, Mortal Gods: Ignition packs a superhuman punch. Let’s hope Hair has plenty more stories ready for the next volume.

Take some time and read the whole thing. Dave gives the reader another perspective of what is going on in this brand new universe.

‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’: Fight Evil Instead of Surrendering to It

Original artwork from 'Mortal Gods: Ignition.'

Original artwork from ‘Mortal Gods: Ignition.’

Mortal Gods: Ignition is a collection of three short stories about how superhumans might confront modern challenges and issues in a real-world setting. Multiple themes run throughout the stories but the central theme to the series is this: fight evil instead of surrendering to it.

Men throughout history have tried compromising with evil, and even surrendering to it, because they believe that in doing so they can avoid conflict with it or benefit from it.

Some men are cowards who think they can bargain their way out of the suffering that evil always brings. They believe that if they appease it, evil will leave them alone and they can continue living their cowardly lives.

Other men lust for evil, and they throw their lot in with it in hopes of bringing great pleasure and power to themselves. They often pretend to be against evil as they side with it. They try to deceive others into believing they want to do the right thing. They loudly proclaim that their compromising and surrendering to evil is in the best interests of obtaining peace and prosperity for all. They easily lie, and say that those who want to fight evil are warmongers and the actual evildoers. Many people fall for their lying.

Regardless of why men do it, compromising with evil or joining it is wrong. It always ends in misery, pain, suffering, and more evil. Confronting it and vowing to fight it until it is destroyed is the right thing to do.

Such a theme runs through the collection of short stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition. The characters who emerge victorious in each tale are the men and women who first identify evil, and then fight it until they destroy it. Anyone who tries to avoid or oppose the fight ultimately loses or is proven wrong.

Confronting evil isn’t clean or nice. And the stories also show this. The characters who choose to battle it must make difficult and even harsh choices. Brutal violence and sacrifice ensues every time. Yet there is beauty in the battles. Those who make the unpopular choice to fight evil—to do the right thing—do so with great risks and costs to their personal lives. And in doing so they prove their honor.

Many people believe that fighting and war are among the worst of things in existence. They aren’t. They are quite good when directed against evil. Indeed, failing to fight and go to war against evil is simply a surrender to it, and thus in itself evil.

Mortal Gods: Ignition reveals this truth.

Russia Fights Brutally, Just Like the Troops in ‘Warrior’

Russia fights brutally against its enemies and doesn’t apologize for doing so. And a story from the New York Times in late March shows how this is similar to the brutality found in the war tale, “Warrior,” one of the three short stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition.

The March 29 article in the New York Times reported on how Russia successfully uses a brutal war tactic against Islamic terrorists.

In the conflict that began in Chechnya and has since metastasized into a loosely organized Islamic rebellion throughout the Caucasus region, Russian security services routinely arrest, torture and kill relatives, rights groups say.

The Russian approach, enough to make supporters of waterboarding wince, has by some accounts been grimly effective. Abductions of family members unwound the rebel leadership in Chechnya, for example.

“Warrior” similarly tells a tale where a group of nationals brutally fights back against a foreign enemy that invaded, overran them, and now controls their nation.

Adam White is the protagonist of “Warrior” and the story follows him as he sides with a group of nationals as they fight to take back their nation from an enemy force (the Maghrebis) that has invaded and slaughtered all but a remnant of them. And when Adam and that remnant fight back, they truly fight back with no mercy and a goal of nothing less than completely destroying their enemy through any means necessary. They know how to win in war.

War is brutal. There’s no way to get around that. And “Warrior” vividly shows just how savage it can be.

Buy Mortal Gods: Ignition today.

‘Desierto’ Is One Story about Illegal Aliens; ‘Mortal Gods: Ignition’ Offers Another

Desierto is a new movie about illegal aliens invading the U.S. and at least one man trying to stop them. But you can also pick up Mortal Gods: Ignition and read a different story about illegal aliens invading the U.S., and the group of people who launch a plan to stop them.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on how the producers of Desierto are marketing the pro-illegal-alien movie.

A new trailer for the Jonas Cuaron immigration thriller Desierto promotes the film’s upcoming Mexico release by employing an anti-immigrant voiceover taken from a controversial Donald Trump speech.

The trailer, released Wednesday, shows migrant workers running for their lives in a desert on the border as a U.S. vigilante shoots and kills them one by one with a rifle.

And while audiences can choose to go see Desierto, another option for a story about illegal aliens is in Mortal Gods: Ignition.

“But the Caucus is now ready and capable. The president is about to give another speech on his illegal alien invader allies—he calls them ‘undocumented Americans’—and even if we didn’t know exactly what he’s going to say (and we do thanks to our intelligence network) we’d know exactly what he was going to say because he’s predictable.”

The topic of illegal aliens isn’t going away anytime soon. And while there is plenty of news about it every day, you now get to see it addressed in fiction as well.

So pick up Mortal Gods: Ignition today for “The First Transgender Superhuman” (the tale shows how the title ties into the illegal alien plot) and two other great short stories.